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Accademia Del Lusso (ADL) was founded in 2005 but has since become one of the most famous fashion and design schools in the world. It offers courses and programmes at all levels of study, and its industry connections are hard to beat. 


The main ADL site is in the middle of Europe’s fashion capital, Milan, and there’s no better place for it. The academy regularly takes part in Milan Fashion Week, and many alumni now work for some of the biggest firms in fashion and design. For creative students who want to start building professional connections and creating plans for their working future as they study, ADL is perfect.


There are also ADL sites in Rome, Florence, Belgrade, and Shanghai. This is an academy with a global reach and global connections that benefit all students. Domestic and international applicants are welcome, and there are lots of international student support services and funding assistance options (including an amazing scholarship). There are also some great accommodation options, from university apartments to private rentals in beautiful Milan.


Tutors and lecturers at the academy have great reputations for student care and quality of teaching. They all continue to work in the luxury and design industries as they teach, so their knowledge comes with continuously updated experience.


Studying in one of Italy’s most-loved cities, ADL students can enjoy world-famous nightlife experiences and exciting sporting events between informative, practice-developing sessions of learning on campus. Any student excited by the thought of student life in Milan and a career in art and design should strongly think about applying for a place at ADL.


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Teaching Quality

ADL is one of the best fashion and design schools in Europe. The teaching quality at the institution stays high across all courses because of two main approaches. Approach one is that lecturers should always be working to turn their students into expert professionals in their fields. Approach two is that students should be fully ready for the job market they’ll face when graduation arrives. High-quality teaching that doesn’t prepare a student for what comes next isn’t high-quality teaching at all.


ADL courses are famous internationally. Some of the most popular courses of study include BA fashion design, BA fashion design and modelling, and MA sustainable fashion design. There are also some very well-reviewed preparatory courses below the bachelor’s level, like the three-month fashion English language course and the three-month programme in Italian lifestyle, culture, and language.


Teaching is delivered by academic staff who remain experts in their fields and continue to work professionally across the fashion, luxury, and business industries. Some of the most accomplished members of staff have worked for brands such as Vespa and Converse, and famous industry essayists and filmmakers are also employed at ADL.


Students are always kept up to date with the latest market trends and working techniques thanks to the fact that lecturers and tutors remain working professionals, and course materials are regularly changed to reflect industry shifts. This is a large reason why such quality teaching is the standard at ADL; nothing a student learns is out of date.


The university aims to give students excellent technical, creative, and managerial skills. Faculty staff create a realistic learning environment for them that will be similar to their professional environment when they officially enter their field. Support staff make sure that help is available when needed so that students can keep making the most of their studies, even when they’re faced with unexpected issues and problems.


Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for ADL change from course to course. There will also be different university entry requirements for each level of study. Students are advised to check the specific course pages to make sure they can meet the requirements before they apply for admission.


International students will have to provide qualifications that are equivalent to the Italian criteria if they want to be considered for acceptance. For example, to study a three-year bachelor’s degree in either fashion styling and communication or fashion design, international students need to have an upper secondary school qualification/their equivalent.


Postgraduate students applying for a master’s degree will need to have previous university qualifications, usually a three-year bachelor’s degree as a minimum. If they don’t have standard qualifications, they may also be able to gain entry if they have relevant work experience, but this will be decided individually for each applicant.


To study the ADL preparatory programmes, students will already need to be enrolled at the university. For example, any student wishing to study the Italian lifestyle, culture and language course must already be studying for a master’s, a one-year intensive course or a three-year course at ADL. University requirements that apply to all applicants also include English language skills.



English Score Required

Italian is the main language spoken in Milan, but it’s not the only language spoken at the university. All ADL bachelor’s degrees are delivered in Italian, but all ADL master’s courses are delivered in English. Three-year courses can usually be studied in either language.


Any student applying to a course taught in Italian will need a minimum level of Italian language ability, and any student applying to a course taught in English will need a minimum level of English language ability.


For English courses, applicants who can’t prove their proficiency in other ways (with their educational background, for example) will need to take an English test and get a minimum score. There are a few different testing methods accepted at ADL, including the Pearson Test of English (PTE), the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). All students will need the following minimum scores:


  • A PTE score of at least 47 
  • A TOEFL online score of at least 75
  • An overall IELTS band score of 6


The fashion English language preparatory course aims to improve students’ English skills in the context of the Italian fashion sector. Modules include English language, grammar, and comprehension of texts/technical language related to the fashion sector. The Italian lifestyle, culture and language course has the same objectives, but for Italian language skills. The modules are Italian language, grammar and comprehension of texts/technical language related to the fashion sector.



The admission process for international students applying to ADL is simple. There are a few key steps to follow, and guidance is offered by the student admission office at every stage. The process is essentially the same for all students, and if there are going to be any changes from the usual steps this information will be shared with a student by their admissions officer. The steps to university admission are:


  1. An applicant chooses a course and makes sure they meet the entry requirements for ADL/their specific course.
  2. An applicant fills in the application form on the website and tells ADL which course they want to apply for.
  3. Any supporting documents are sent along with the application (a CV, academic transcripts, a personal statement, a non-compulsory portfolio, proof of ID, proof of English/Italian language abilities if needed and two non-compulsory letters of recommendation in the case of master’s applicants).
  4. A student is accepted or rejected and notified of the university’s decision.
  5. If a student has been accepted, they will need to confirm their place and pay the first instalment of their tuition fees.
  6. A student finds accommodation with the support of the Student Help Office, as well as receiving as much guidance as needed with visa applications if they are from a non-EU country.


Tuition fees for ADL courses change from programme to programme and country of origin to country of origin. As an example, international students from inside the EU will have to pay EUR 16,950 per year to study for a bachelor’s degree in fashion styling and communication, while international students from outside the EU will pay EUR 18,950 annually for the same course. Students should check their course page for accurate and relevant tuition fee information.


Scholarships & Funding

ADL has a few different university scholarships to support student needs and reduce fees. One of these scholarships is available to international students from inside and outside the EU. It’s called the Accademia del Lusso Milan Scholarship. Ten are awarded every year, and they’re available to all full-time international students who are studying either a three-year course or a master’s degree.


Five of the available scholarships reduce tuition fees by 50 per cent, and the other five offer a tuition fee reduction of 30 per cent. To be eligible, students will need to meet the requirements and English language standards for their course and provide ADL with a completed scholarship application form, a CV, an artistic/personal profile, and a presentation letter explaining why they should be awarded the scholarship. The university may also ask students to attend a skype session.


Students can ask their student advisor to fill in the application form on their behalf or guide them through the process. They can also contact the university for more information about funding, scholarships and financial aid opportunities.


University Structure

ADL has two campuses in Milan. Its main building is on Via Montenapoleone, an ideal location for anybody who wants to be a professional in the fashion and business industries (as it’s close to the main stores of many world-famous luxury brands).


The other ADL site is The Luxury Lab on Via Chioggia. This is where many lessons happen, and it's also where all the university’s laboratories, sewing rooms and IT rooms are, as well as essential student administration facilities. Across ADL’s locations, there are almost 20 different programmes of study on offer. These programmes fall into a few different categories and study levels:


  • Bachelor’s degrees
    • Fashion styling and communication
    • Fashion design 
  • Master’s degrees
    • Sustainable fashion design
    • Fashion brand management
    • Fashion communication management
  • Three-year courses
    • Fashion brand management
    • Fashion styling and communication
    • Fashion design
  • Intensive courses
    • Interior and retail design
    • Footwear and accessories design
    • Fashion product design
    • Six-month foundation year
  • Preparatory courses
    • Italian lifestyle, culture and language
    • Fashion English language
  • Short courses
    • Made in Italy and luxury goods industry
    • Milan Fashion Week experience
  • Summer courses
    • Four-week fashion design course




ADL is known across Italy (and the world) for giving its students access to some of the best facilities for fashion, design, and business. Everyone enrolled at ADL gets to use a range of labs, tools and materials. Plus, since the academy’s student life centres are conveniently located in Milan, extracurricular adventures are never too far away.


The Milan location allows students to take part in Milan Fashion Week. It also gives them access to great bars, restaurants, and nightlife options. Plus, students who love sports can enjoy supporting the city’s two famous football teams, attending games, and enjoying the exciting atmosphere. And they can turn Milan’s high-quality gyms and fitness spaces into student recreation centres complete with all the best equipment.


The lecture theatres and seminar rooms at ADL meet the school’s high standards for learning environments. They encourage students to be active in their research and ideas. The university has its own library, as well as lots of shared working spaces, an outdoor social area at both locations, and some great accommodation options. Some of the game-changing student activity centres for study and research at ADL include:


  • The New Technologies of the Arts Lab 
  • The Fashion Design and Product Lab
  • The multimedia rooms
  • The Graphic Design Labs


The Student Help Office is another great campus facility that supports students whenever they need help or advice. ADL Magazine is also a good resource for any student passionate about the industry. It’s full of interesting articles about brands, as well as news and opinion pieces about the evolution of the industry. It’s great for research and might help a student stand out to their future employer.



International students have a few options when applying for accommodation at ADL. One of the best options is the on-campus student accommodation at one of ADL’s partner university campuses, Novedrate. ADL also work with many housing associations in Milan to connect students with the right private accommodation options.


The Novedrate university accommodation is in a beautiful part of Como Province. It’s about 35 minutes away from Milan and has great train links. It’s catered and offers three meals a day, and each student has a single room with a private en-suite bathroom. For more information about costs, students can contact the International Office at ADL.


There are lots of off-campus accommodation options, from shared and single apartments to shared student houses to residential hostels. The Student Help Office is available to offer guidance and support with finding the right housing. Rental fees in Milan can range from around EUR 600 to 1,700 monthly, depending on location and housing type.


Spot A Home is one of the best services for finding accommodation. It’s great for mid to long-term accommodation, and all the properties are secure. They’re also checked regularly by ADL staff (and so are the local areas). Plus, students can get a 15 per cent discount on the booking fee through their association with ADL.


Student Support

ADL knows that adapting to life in another country isn’t always easy. It understands that international students may need some extra student support when it comes to settling into Italian culture and making the most of their studies abroad. That’s why the Student Help Office offers them some great targeted student support services, and access to the full student support programme for everyone enrolled at ADL.


The Student Help Office can be there for existing students and new students who haven’t started their courses yet. For example, it can help with immigration and visa advice, academic procedures, and accommodation, but can then provide student guides to academic skills and social experiences after a student arrives. There are also English and Italian language support programmes on offer to those who don’t speak either as a first language, great for settling into student life in Milan more quickly.


The admissions office in Florence is well connected to Milan, and students can contact this office directly with any questions about the application process. To find out more about the specific student services offered at ADL, the national and international ADL offices are easy to contact by phone or email.


Graduate Outcomes

ADL is one of the best fashion and luxury business schools in the world, and its graduate employment rate makes that clear. In 2019, graduate employment rates were impressive across a number of disciplines and courses. For example, 67 per cent of fashion product design students were in employment, and 86 per cent of fashion styling and communication students were in employment.


The year-long master’s courses also have a great employment record. 83 to 100 per cent of students who have taken them are now in relevant employment in Italy and abroad. Many alumni now work for major fashion magazines or brands, so it’s clear that ADL graduate job prospects include options like Vogue, Marie Claire and Dolce and Gabbana.


All the courses and programmes at ADL give students the skills necessary to stand out to employers. Students add to their portfolios across their courses, and they get the chance to display their work for potential employers at lots of the school’s fashion events. ADL also provides students with lots of helpful career services and employment support options to help them get ahead before they finish their studies.


Some of the best employment services offered are internships and work experience opportunities, managed by the Careers and External Relations Office. Some of these work opportunities are with huge designer and luxury brands, and they can do a lot to open up a student’s post-graduation career options. Internship partners include Prada and Ralph Lauren.


The Careers and External Relations Office also employs individual staff members to act as career guides for students. They can help them through the process of writing CVs and cover letters, as well as improve their interview technique and job search approach. They can also help students decide on their goals and connect them to potential future employers. For any ambitious, creative fashion student, ADL should be top of the list when thinking about where to study.


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