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¿Qué aprenderé?

The Graduate Program in History is designed for students who intend to complete the doctoral degree in our program. Consequently, our graduate program does not typically admit students who want to complete a terminal MA program only. If your goal is to get a terminal MA in History, you should look elsewhere for a graduate program that accommodates your needs.

The Master of Arts degree is normally the student's first professional degree in History. Because work at this stage will usually constitute the student's introduction to the profession, and the Department's introduction to the student, the course work and review procedures undertaken at this stage are of special importance.

Masters students may choose to complete a two-field MA in which students select two fields from a single division, or a cross-divisional MA in which student select two fields but from two different divisions.

Students in the MA and Ph.D. programs are admitted into divisions, which are broadly defined chronological/geographical/topical categories. Departmental divisions are:

Africa & the Middle East

Ancient Mediterranean & Late Antique Near East

Asia: Pre-History to Present

Comparative History

Comparative History: Comparative Colonialisms

Comparative History: Comparative Ethnicity and Nationalism

Comparative History: Comparative Gender

Comparative History: Historiography

Europe – Medieval to Modern Times

History of Science

Latin America

Russia & Central Asia

United States

¿En cuál departamento estoy?

College of Arts and Sciences

Opciones de estudio

a tiempo completo (6 )

Costos de estudio
US$30.208,00 por año
Fecha de inicio

Esperado Septiembre 2022


University of Washington

Schmitz Hall, 1410 NE Campus Parkway,



98195, United States

Requerimiento de entrada

Para estudiantes de Estados Unidos

Prospective graduate students must meet the following minimum requirements: Hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university in the U.S.1or its equivalent from a foreign institution; Have earned at least a 3.0 grade-point-average (on a 4 point scale) for the last 90 graded quarter credits or 60 graded semester credits. Other English Language Requirements: 580 paper-based TOEFL.

Para estudiantes internacionales

Strong undergraduate program in history, ordinarily as a history major

Usually a minimum 3.50 (A-) GPA, particularly in history and related subjects, and especially in the final two years of work, and in any graduate work completed prior to application

English Proficiency:

The Graduate School is temporarily accepting official test scores for both the Duolingo English Test and the TOEFL ITP Plus For China to assist international students with remote testing options. This policy is currently in effect through the autumn 2021 admission cycle (i.e., students enrolling in autumn 2021).

TOEFL iBT - Minimum Required Score (ELP Required): 80; Recommended Score (ELP Satisfied): 92 or higher

TOEFL pBT - Minimum Required Score: 500

Duolingo: Minimum Required Score (ELP Required): 105; Recommended Score (ELP Satisfied): 120 or higher

IELTS: Minimum Required Score 6.5

Puede haber diferentes requisitos de IELTS en función del curso elegido.


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