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Educational Leadership (EdS)

Estados Unidos

¿Qué aprenderé?

The educational specialist (EdS) degree provides opportunities for those who wish to increase their knowledge and skills beyond the master's level. Course-work, action research and internship experiences enable students to develop and demonstrate competencies required to move from a specific focus in teaching, curriculum or support services in schools to the broader view of the educational leader in the community. The EdS program encourages educators to think outside the box, seek solutions to challenges in schooling, to make the world different and find the courage to do what is best for all students.

Schools are a microcosm of society. The problem schools face today whether urban, suburban or rural connect to societal issues. In order to meet the needs of today's students, principals need to be able to navigate in a labyrinth of rapidly shifting demographics and societal issues to find solutions that work for all stakeholders in their school communities. The EdS in educational leadership effectively prepares 21st-century school leaders by providing opportunities for principal candidates to synthesize the traditional aspects of school leadership with critical issues of diversity, self-awareness and reflective practice.

Successful candidates will become educational leaders who have high expectations for all students and are powerful advocates for the inclusion, understanding and encouragement of marginalized student groups. Principal candidates will have opportunities to engage in ongoing dialogue and reflection on issues of social justice, democracy and equity throughout their coursework and internship experiences. By challenging students to be active participants in difficult conversations about social justice and to immerse themselves in unfamiliar environments, the EdS program encourages aspiring principal candidates to develop a socially responsible leadership mindset transforming them into culturally responsive school leaders who are dedicated to realizing the vision of equity in education and the expectation of success for all learners.

In the educational leadership (EdS) program at Webster University, graduate students are learning to become administrators who are learning focused while developing positive relationships and understanding and appreciating diversity. The curriculum focuses on problem-solving, data-driven decision-making, research based instructional strategies as well as innovation, collaboration and educational culture.

The educational leadership (EdS) program is designed for students who want to develop their leadership skills and earn a post-master's degree. Successful graduates are able to integrate ethics and global perspectives into their professions to optimize the learning environment for teachers, students and their communities. Prepared to become educational leaders, graduates are ready to strive for positive outcomes in the preK-12 setting.

¿En cuál departamento estoy?

School of Education

Opciones de estudio

a tiempo completo (32 horas de crédito)

Costos de estudio
USD $650 per credit hour

*El precio que se muestra es una referencia, por favor verificar con la institución

Aplicaciones hasta

Esperado November 2023

Fecha de inicio

Esperado Enero 2024


St Louis Home Campus

470 East Lockwood Avenue,



63119, United States

En línea/Distancia (32 horas de crédito)

Costos de estudio
USD $650 per credit hour

*El precio que se muestra es una referencia, por favor verificar con la institución

Aplicaciones hasta

Esperado November 2023

Fecha de inicio

Esperado Enero 2024

Requerimiento de entrada

Para estudiantes de Estados Unidos

Requirements for admission to the master of science in nursing (MSN) program include: A bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) from an accredited program (NLNAC, ACEN, CCNE, or NLN CNEA); A minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale; Completion of an undergraduate statistics course with a grade of C or better.

Para estudiantes internacionales

Applicants considered for admission to graduate studies at Webster University must hold an earned baccalaureate degree from an accredited educational institution recognized by Webster University, and meet all program admission standards. Applicants who have a completed baccalaureate degree from a U.S. accredited institution must satisfy program requirements or requisites, including a 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) at their baccalaureate degree granting institution for full admission.

Requirements for admission to the EdS in educational leadership program include:

Completion of a master’s degree in education or a related field, such as social work, business or communications.
Superior academic ability at the graduate level with at least a 3.25 GPA.
Official transcripts of previous undergraduate and graduate coursework.
A letter of recommendation from a faculty member and/or associate.

English language proficiency requirement:

TOEFL: iBT: 80
TOEFL: oBT: 550
IELTS: Academic: 6.5
Duolingo: 120
Pearson: 53
Cambridge Academic English: 176
Password: 6.5
GTEC: 1201
jTEP: 3.7

Puede haber diferentes requisitos de IELTS en función del curso elegido.


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