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¿Qué aprenderé?

Fermentation, the use of microorganisms to produce desirable compounds, is vital to producing beverages, foods, and pharmaceuticals. A Bachelor of Science in Fermentation Science provides the technical background and practical skills necessary for a career in fermentation-related fields, including beer, wine, or cheese manufacturing.

This is a designated STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) program.


Graduates of this program will have a strong background in the relevant chemistry and biology involved in fermentation. They will learn to apply that background to practical fermentation in the production of food, beverages, and fine chemicals. They will develop practical laboratory and instrumental skills to analyze fermented products. In addition, electives in business and restaurant management will focus students’ skills on their desired careers.


In addition to taking both lecture and hands-on laboratory courses, Fermentation Science majors participate in either individual mentored research with a faculty member or cooperative experiences with partners in fermentation-related companies. As a result, students apply their knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems and gain experience to make them highly competitive for scientific positions in the food, beverage, chemical synthesis, and pharmaceutical industries.

Career opportunities include the following: QA/QC technician, brewing laboratory technician, wine laboratory technician, analytical chemist, biomedical researcher, brewer lab assistant, sales representative, chemical safety officer, laboratory consultant, brewmaster, winemaker, microbiology lab technician, laboratory consultant, medicinal chemist, quality control technician, research chemist/biologist, cicerone.

¿En cuál departamento estoy?

College of Arts and Sciences

Opciones de estudio

a tiempo completo (124 horas de crédito)

Costos de estudio
US$13.950,00 por año
Fecha de inicio

Esperado Enero 2023


College of Arts and Sciences

214 Pray Harrold,



48197, United States

Requerimiento de entrada

Para estudiantes de Estados Unidos

GPA of at least 2.5

Para estudiantes internacionales

EMU admits students on a sliding scale based primarily on a combination of high school grade point average. If you have a high GPA, you may be admitted even if your test score is below our average. If you have a high test score, you may be admitted with a lower-than-average GPA.

The average student coming to EMU directly from high school has a GPA of 3.28

Full admission minimum test scores can be found below:


IELTS: 6.0

Pearson English Language Test (PTE): 44

Application Deadline:

Fall: July 1; Winter: November 1

Puede haber diferentes requisitos de IELTS en función del curso elegido.


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