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¿Qué aprenderé?

Biology is the study of LIFE. It is the exciting study of how living systems do their business: How plants produce nearly every bite of edible food through photosynthesis. How microorganisms reproduce and acquire resistance to antibiotics, how they produce disease, and how they benefit our lives. It is the study of animal development from conception through maturation, reproduction, senescence and then ultimately to death. It is the study of how we perceive our world through our amazing senses, and it is the study of the very brain we use to process this information and everything about our world. It is the study of the great diversity of living things on Earth and how they interact with each other and with human society. Biology tells us who we are in this vast living world. It tells us where we came from, and it tells us where we might go as a species.


Grow Your Future

From biological principles, the fields of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, nursing, and many other life science careers arise, and in these uncertain times of great climatic change, the emergence of new diseases, and human overpopulation, we will rely on Biology more and more. Fortunately, the science of Biology has delivered and continues to deliver on its great promise to provide new cures for disease, new ways to understand ourselves and new approaches for remediation of environmental discord.

Career opportunities in Biology






Biological Research

Pharmaceutical Sales


Park Ranger

Biology Teacher

What You'll Study

The biology major encompasses both a broad foundation of core courses and the opportunity for specialization within a subfield through biology electives, providing the breadth and depth essential to educating biologists. The major prepares students for a post-baccalaureate profession in biology, for advanced professional training in the health sciences, or for graduate study in basic and applied areas of the biological sciences.

Graduation Requirements

Any student earning a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree must complete a minimum of 39 hours at the 300+ level. These hours are generally completed by the major requirements. However, keep this hour requirement in mind as you choose your course work for the requirements in the major. Students interested in earning a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree must complete a minimum of 60 hours in biological, physical, mathematical and/or computer sciences.

¿En cuál departamento estoy?

College of Arts & Sciences

Opciones de estudio

a tiempo completo (4 )

Costos de estudio
US$31.600,00 por año

*El precio que se muestra es una referencia, por favor verificar con la institución

Aplicaciones hasta

15 October 2022

Fecha de inicio

22 Agosto 2022, 9 Enero 2023


College of Arts & Sciences

202 Patterson Office Tower,



40506, United States

Requerimiento de entrada

Para estudiantes de Estados Unidos

Students Human Health Sciences students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA and have a C or higher in all courses required for the degree in order to graduate.

Para estudiantes internacionales

Freshman Admission: Applicants who have not attended a college or university upon completion of secondary school AND who have met all requirements, including English proficiency, as noted below. Conditional Admission: Applicants who meet UK’s academic requirements for admission but do not meet the minimum language proficiency requirement or the departmental specific requirements (such as certain SAT/ACT math scores for Engineering and Nursing). Students who are offered conditional admission because of English may either resubmit a higher TOEFL/IELTS score or enroll in UK's Center for English as a Second Language program. English proficiency Scores: TOEFL: 71 iBT; IELTS: 6.0; Duolingo: 95.

Application Deadlines: December 1 for Fall semester (August start); October 15 for Spring semester (January start).

Puede haber diferentes requisitos de IELTS en función del curso elegido.


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