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Biomedical engineers have the unique ability to serve as a bridge between engineering and medicine. The rapid advancement of high technology into all medical specialties has increased the demand for engineers who have a depth of knowledge in both engineering and physiology. Biomedical engineers make significant contributions to society by improving patient care and ultimately improving the quality of life for others.

Western New England University provides Biomedical Engineering students with a solid engineering background and an in-depth understanding of human physiology, anatomy, and biology necessary to be a successful biomedical engineer. The curriculum is designed for maximum flexibility, allowing students to choose elective courses that are of most interest. In the junior and senior year, students choose four “sequence electives,” two technical electives, as well as a series of five general education courses that fulfill the University’s requirement for a perspective on ethics, history, aesthetics, integrated liberal and professional learning, cultural studies, and social and behavioral issues. Students are exposed to the major physiological systems during each of the final four semesters through laboratory work, courses, and through the capstone Senior Design Project.

Career Opportunities

The Biomedical Engineering program at Western New England University is designed to prepare students for either immediate employment or for admission to graduate or medical school. Demand for biomedical engineers is growing as more and more technology is finding its way into all branches of medicine. Since the field of biomedical engineering is so broad, many of our graduates choose to specialize their knowledge in graduate or professional school by pursuing an M.S., Ph.D, or M.D. degree. Our graduates are working in the medical instrumentation and device industry, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, research facilities, and hospitals.


The mission of the Biomedical Engineering program is to provide students with a supportive environment that facilitates learning to solve engineering problems related to medicine and biology in an ethically responsible manner.

Defining Characteristics

The Biomedical Engineering program:

provides students opportunities to learn and apply core engineering principles to solve problems related to medicine or biology, emphasizing the need for interdisciplinary approaches;
gives students opportunities to apply theory with practice-oriented laboratory, industrial or clinical experiences;
produces engineers who can communicate well at all levels within an organization;
delivers a dynamic curriculum that is continuously updated with input from practitioners and researchers in the field of biomedical engineering;
promotes biomedical engineering as a career choice; and
serves both the biomedical engineering community and society.

Program Educational Objectives

Graduates of the Western New England University Biomedical Engineering Program will, in their professional endeavors,

function successfully in a variety of environments including industry, hospitals/clinics, government, graduate school or professional school;
function as productive team members and leaders to solve engineering problems, including those at the interface of medicine and engineering;
have an awareness of safety, ethics, sustainability and/or societal concerns,
communicate complex technical concepts, both in written and oral communication, to diverse audiences; and
be actively engaged in life-long learning such as participating or leading in relevant professional societies, continuing their education, or attending relevant workshops, meetings, or seminars.

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College of Engineering

Opciones de estudio

a tiempo completo (4 )

Costos de estudio
US$37.054,00 por año
The above tuition fee is based on 12-18 credit hours per term

*El precio que se muestra es una referencia, por favor verificar con la institución

Fecha de inicio

31 Agosto 2020, 19 Enero 2021


College of Engineering

1215 Wilbraham Road,



01119, United States

Requerimiento de entrada

Para estudiantes de Estados Unidos

Students admitted as regular, degree-seeking candidates must have graduated from an approved secondary school (high school) or have obtained a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) by the time of their matriculation.

Para estudiantes internacionales

Students admitted as regular, degree-seeking candidates must have graduated from an approved secondary school (high school) or have obtained a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) by the time of their matriculation.

Undergraduate students can use any of the following standardized tests to meet our English language requirement:



PTE Academic - 53

STEP Eiken - Pre-1

iTEP – 4

Admission is on rolling basis.

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Acerca de esta universidad

El campus de la WNE abarca un área de 215 acres clasificado como el número 11 de los 30 campus más hermosos para visitar en el otoño

  • El 90% de los graduados están empleados o estudiando
  • La Universidad de WNE con más de 70 clubes para estudiantes
  • La WNE con estadio multiusos de 4.500 asientos, al aire libre
  • Se han invertido 90 millones de USD en nuevas instalaciones.