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Are you looking for a unique insight into the way the world works? This exciting, modern degree in politics can provide you with exactly that. Delivered by experienced, expert and enthusiastic academics, it combines political theory, political science, political economy, area studies, and international relations to provide an in-depth study of contemporary politics.

Your learning experience needn’t stop at observing and studying, however. Our voluntary placement scheme offers opportunities that have seen former students working in Parliament and the MPs’ constituency offices – seeing politics from the inside, and providing a great basis for a potential future.


Graduates are in demand for their skill-mix, including analysis, critical thinking, research, and strong communication skills.

As a graduate you’ll be able to appreciate that problems are often multi-faceted and require thoughtful, creative and logical approaches. Such graduates are highly valuable (in both commercial and Not-for- Profit sectors) because of their ability to contribute to strategic decision making.

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Social Sciences

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Septiembre 2023


LSBU Main Site - Southwark Campus

103 Borough Road,



SE1 0AA, England

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Para estudiantes de Estados Unidos

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