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The BSc Physics degree at Loughborough offers maximum flexibility to study optional modules from across our suite of physics courses. If you want to study the widest breadth of subjects then this is the course for you.It can easily be argued that physics is the most important of the sciences in shaping the world around us today. Technologies such as the simple lightbulb to advanced technologies such as the mobile phone would simply not exist without this subject.Physics goes much further than this though, as it is a discipline that seeks to uncover the laws of nature. Physicists use their understanding of these laws to answer the biggest, most profound questions, and to develop new materials, new technologies and, indeed, new tools to further our understanding - from telescopes able to observe the far reaches of space to microscopes capable of viewing the world at the atomic-level.Now, motivated by our desire to reflect and take advantage of Loughborough's research strengths in quantum physics, condensed matter, statistical physics and the physics of materials, the core BSc Physics degree has been recently revised from the ground up and structured to provide what we believe to be an exciting and academically outstanding course.Our approach to the subject is designed to support deeper learning, coordinated on a weekly basis between core physics, essential mathematics, computing and laboratories.Over the three years of the course you will study such areas as symmetry, conservation laws, electromagnetism, relativity, condensed matter, quantum physics and physics of materials, with advanced physics modules informed by departmental research in the final year, and optional modules that allow you to tailor the course to your particular interests.

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4 Octubre 2021


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