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Mathematics and Statistics (3 years) BSc (Hons)

Reino Unido

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The three-year BSc Mathematics and Statistics course combines a strong foundation in core mathematics and statistics with exciting recent developments in statistics and machine learning, providing a unique preparation for our data-driven future. A rigorous grounding in essential mathematical techniques and fundamental statistical principles and methods leads to the exploration of a wide range of topics central to modern statistics and machine learning, together with a year-long individual project module tackling a theoretical area or an applied problem in particular depth, possibly in collaboration with a company or other organisation.**Year 1**The first year consists of 100 compulsory Mathematics credits:- Analysis (20)- Calculus (20)- Linear Algebra (20)- Dynamics (10)- Probability (10)- Programming (10)- Statistics (10)Together with a further 20 credits which can be chosen from:- Discrete Mathematics (20)- Any other available Sciences, Arts and Social Sciences modules (subject to pre-requisites and timetabling compatibility)The first-year Mathematics modules expand and develop topics that may be familiar from A level (or equivalent), smoothing the transition to university study. Fundamental statistical methodologies are developed from first principles in the Statistics and Probability modules, providing a mathematical language and coherent conceptual framework with which to structure subsequent developments. Other modules equip you with the essential mathematical tools needed for further study.**Year 2**In the second year, you will take four compulsory modules (60 credits):- Analysis in Many Variables (20)- Statistical Inference (20)- Data Science and Statistical Computing (10)- Statistical Modelling (10)Together with a further 60 credits which can be chosen from a wide range, including:- Complex Analysis (20)- Numerical Analysis (20)- Markov Chains (10)- Mathematical Modelling (10)- Probability (10)The four compulsory modules will furnish you with the central mathematical, inferential, modelling, and computational tools needed for modern statistics and machine learning, as well as looking at important surrounding issues such as data governance. Further modules allow you to broaden or deepen your knowledge of particular topics or techniques.**Year 3**In the third year, you take a 40-credit capstone project module, tackling a theoretical area or an applied problem in particular depth. Subject to availability, this may be performed in collaboration with a company or other organisation. For the remaining 80 credits, you choose from a range of modules on topics central to modern statistics and machine learning, including:- Advanced Statistical Modelling (20)- Bayesian Computation and Modelling (20)- Decision Theory (20)- Machine Learning and Neural Networks (20)- Mathematical Finance (20)- Stochastic Processes (20).**Placement Year**You may be able to take a work placement. Find out more:

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Mathematical Sciences

Opciones de estudio

a tiempo completo (3 )

Costos de estudio
£25.900,00 (US$ 32.176) por año
Se trata de una tasa provisional aún no aprobada

*El precio que se muestra es una referencia, por favor verificar con la institución

Fecha de inicio

25 Septiembre 2023


Durham City

Palatine Centre,


DH1 3HP, England

Requerimiento de entrada

Para estudiantes de Estados Unidos

Students need a combination of 3 AP or SAT Subject examinations at scores of 4 or better (AP), including at least one at grade 5, and/or 650+ or better (SAT) in different subjects which is equivalent to ABB. One of the AP/SAT Subject tests can be replaced by a full-year Honors level course at B+ or better, or a full-year college level course at B+ or better. For students wishing to gain entry to a programme that requires GCSE Mathematics, SAT Reasoning Maths at 670+ or a maths related AP course is mandatory to gain entry.

Puede haber diferentes requisitos de IELTS en función del curso elegido.


Acerca de Durham University

La Durham University combina su rica historia con valores modernos para crear una institución respetada y con visión de futuro.

  • Durham acoge a más de 18 mil estudiantes de todo el mundo.
  • Entre las 30 mejores universidades internacionales del mundo
  • La universidad recibió la distinción de oro por parte del TEF.
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