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Why does one product or service take off, while something similar stalls on the runway? Whatever the answer is, you can be sure that well-researched and creative marketing has played a central role. Marketing is a core aspect of any business and if you are interested in how products are designed, positioned and promoted, as well as how brands manage their image in the digital age, then this is the degree for you. Covering an exciting mixture of creativity, business theory, analysis and planning, as well as providing real-world experience, the programme enables you to hone your marketing skills and apply them across a variety of industries, gaining an understanding of what drives consumer behaviour and how businesses develop popular products, make compelling offers and deliver effective promotional campaigns.

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Business School

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Fecha de inicio

Septiembre 2023


Ormskirk (Main Campus)

St Helens Road,



L39 4QP, England

Requerimiento de entrada

Para estudiantes de Estados Unidos

Students need to have: High School Diploma with a GPA of 2.75 or above; plus either four AP (Advanced Placement Programme) courses at grade 3 or above; or three AP courses at grade 4 or above; or First Year of University/College; or 3 x SAT subject tests at 550 points or 1200/1600 in the SATR; or ACT (minimum scores in English 18, Maths 22, Reading 20, Science 20-overall average score 21).

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