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- Health and Social Care achieved 95% overall satisfaction as rated by final-year undergraduate students in the 2019 National Student Survey- Our course empowers you to make a difference to people’s lives, particularly in vulnerable or marginalised groups- Take the opportunity to work with a variety of service users and organisations through the Volunteering module- Learn from supportive and accessible lecturers who have experience of working in a wide range of services- Our course considers the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals- Study a broad curriculum that can lead to a variety of potential career pathsWorking with vulnerable or marginalised adults and children, helping people reach their full potential and supporting healthy lifestyles adds up to a challenging but very satisfying career. And with a rapidly ageing population and cuts to social care, there is a pressing need for qualified workers, particularly in the most deprived communities in the country.Our Health and Social Care course ensures that students graduate with a clear understanding of the global challenges that relate to health and social care; and the role of the individuals, communities and organisations in addressing them. The role of health, community and social care practitioners who can pro-actively meet global challenges, in innovative and meaningful ways, is vital in creating sustainable futures for us all.With 1.5 million people employed in the social care sector alone — a figure projected to increase to 3.1 million by 2025 — employment prospects are excellent for those who want to make a difference in people’s lives and seek to promote social justice and tackle inequality.Our course focuses on the part we all play in making society and its systems fairer for all people. You explore a broad range of issues within health and social care with an emphasis on effective, collaborative work with those who use, design and shape services. Issues within different professional settings are expanded and linked to how practitioners can support people's needs in their communities.Theory and literature about how people and communities behave and the importance of understanding and reflecting our own response to service users' needs is also a key focus. There is a core theme of empowering practice and user-led approaches in health and social care practice throughout the programme.The Foundation Year (first year of study) gives you the chance to commence your studies with us if you have not quite achieved the entry qualifications required or if you feel you would benefit from the opportunity to develop your study skills and subject knowledge prior to embarking on your degree. Through a range of engaging, small-group lessons and practical placements, you will be equipped with the academic, professional and personal skills to help you succeed at university. Modules will cover broad topics as well as an introduction to your chosen subject area.Year 1 (second year of study) is foundational and provides an understanding of the contexts for health and social care. You are introduced to theories concerning how people come to be labelled as vulnerable or marginalised. You also explore the political and ethical influences on service provision and develop effective skills for working with individuals and groups.During Years 2 (third year of study) and 3 (fourth year of study), you gain the knowledge needed to be a proficient worker across a range of community and care settings. You study an array of key issues such as understanding mental health, physical impairments, communities, law and ethics. Optional modules include Autism, Dementia and Substance Use and Misuse, and a Volunteering module.Our talented teaching team has a wide range of practical experience in differ

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Department of Interprofessional Studies (Children, Health, Social Work and Community)

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Estudios a tiempo completo incluyendo un año de foundation (4 )

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Fecha de inicio

11 Septiembre 2023


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Sparkford Road,



SO22 4NR, England

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Students need SAT I with a minimum balanced score of 1250. They will also need high school diploma with a good GPA. A combination of subject related AP and SAT II may also be eligible for entry into our undergraduate degrees. AP or SAT II scores will be a pre-requisite for entry into certain subjects.

Puede haber diferentes requisitos de IELTS en función del curso elegido.


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