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This course focuses on developing students’ knowledge and skills in both Forensic Science and Criminology. Forensic Science units will enable you to gain theoretical knowledge and understanding , and the practical experience in crime scene investigation and laboratory based examination. You will have the ability to evaluate and communicate your findings both written and orally. In the Criminology units you will explore and gain n understanding of how data can be analysed to identify and predict factors that may cause individuals to commit crime. You will also explore the roles of the Police, forensic science and the criminal justice system, in the prevention, deterrence and punishment of criminal behaviour. Studying both Criminology and Forensic Science together will offer you the opportunity to for employment or further study both within the area of forensic science and wider criminal justice sector.Our taught courses build on the established research expertise of staff in various areas within the subject areas of Life Sciences.**Foundation year**In the Foundation year you will study three days per week. The focus will be on academic writing skills and numeracy, plus subject-specific content to fully prepare you for entry to an Undergraduate degree. The course has been designed to develop your skills and to prepare you for entry onto the first year of your chosen course. It provides a balance between content related to your chosen subject and the range of wider skills required for undergraduate study. This is an integrated four-year degree, with the foundation year as a key part of the course. You will be required to pass the foundation year in order to progress to the first year of your bachelor’s degree. This course is ideal for those who do not meet our standard entry requirements or those with a non-standard educational background. It will allow you to graduate with a full undergraduate degree in your chosen subject in four years.

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School of Life Sciences

Opciones de estudio

Estudios a tiempo completo incluyendo un año de foundation (4 )

Costos de estudio
Información no disponible
Fecha de inicio

Septiembre 2023


Luton Campus

Park Square,


LU1 3JU, England

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