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English and History are natural complements for each other. History provides a vital framework for understanding literary texts in relation to their cultural context; the written word, in its many forms and varieties, provides a substantial part of the material with which historians work. To study the subjects in combination provides the student with both subject-specific knowledge and the additional intellectual enrichment that comes from an inter-disciplinary approach. We have developed a strong philosophy of encouraging appreciation of the contemporary relevance of both subjects and of supporting students with a wide range of abilities, needs and interests.

English on this course is designed to represent literature from as wide a range of periods, cultural contexts and global varieties as possible, providing a stimulating, engaging and diverse experience of literature to include a comparable balance of poetry, prose and drama. We have developed a very strong philosophy of encouraging enthusiasm for literature and supporting students with a wide range of abilities, needs and interests. The History on this course is designed to develop students' understanding of historical processes through the study of a range of periods and geographical contexts, promoting awareness of continuity and change. Modules span the early modern period to the present and embrace three identifiable strands: British Social and Cultural History, Family and Community History and Comparative European and Imperial History. Over the course of study, students experience key varieties of history with their distinctive focus, theoretical underpinnings and methodological approaches.

Assessments are varied encompassing site and field studies, research projects as in the oral history module 'Listening to the Past', as well as more traditional essay and report based assessments. As a whole the module and assessment diet is designed to foster advanced skills of critical engagement with both the raw materials of history i.e. a range of documentary, visual and literary sources as well as key works of historical scholarship.

Highly qualified staff with a real passion for English and History and teaching deliver all modules and offer students considerable personal attention and support throughout the course. A key advantage of studying with us is that class sizes are smaller than in many other institutions. This facilitates varied and innovative teaching methods include lectures, seminars, workshops, group projects, trips, oral history and one-to-one discussion.

Course aims:

  • To provide an intellectually satisfying and worthwhile experience of studying and learning within the distinctive frameworks of English and History
  • To encourage the development of intellectual maturity, openness of mind and an imaginative and creative approach to problem-solving
  • To enable students to develop a capacity for sophisticated analytical thinking and judgement
  • To enable students to develop a range of subject specific and transferable skills of value in employment including high-order skills in oral and written communication and in the gathering, interpretation and presentation of information
  • To provide the opportunity for students to gain confidence in working both independently and as a member or leader of a group or team
  • To prepare students to undertake further study in English, History and in related disciplines.

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West Suffolk College

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£11.790,00 (US$ 14.732) por año
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Esperado Septiembre 2022


West Suffolk College

Out Risbygate,

Bury St. Edmunds,


IP33 3RL, England

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