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Electronic and Electrical Engineering is integral to and embedded in the smooth functioning of our everyday lives.From mobile phones and computing through to household gadgets, healthcare equipment, automotive and aerospace technology, renewables and transport infrastructure, defence and utility provision.From the light bulb to the internet, it is impossible to imagine a world without electricity and electronics. A modern integrated circuit may contain several billion miniaturised transistors in a few square centimetres and is capable of doing the most extraordinary things.Our long-established Electronics and Electrical Engineering IET accredited course is very well regarded by employers. It will provide a thorough grounding in the subjects required to invent, design, apply and integrate electrical and electronic components and systems in a range of different industrial sectors.

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Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering

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£24.650,00 (US$ 34.525) por año
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4 Octubre 2021


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Students studying in the American education system, offers for entry onto undergraduate level courses are based on successful completion of the High School Diploma along with achievement in Advanced Placement Exams (group A) or SAT II Subject Specific Tests. We would typically require between ‘4, 4, 4’ and ‘5, 5, 5’ in 3 group A subjects from AP exams or between ‘650, 650, 650’ and ‘750, 700, 700’ in SAT subject tests.

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