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From entertainment, to education, to socialising with friends, we live more of our lives than ever online. With so much of our time now spent on digital platforms like social media and streaming sites, the most successful brands know that’s where they need to be, too. For brands to find, and reach, their audiences, they have to find their place in the digital landscape — but not just anyone can conquer social media algorithms or create engaging, must-click content. Rapidly evolving technology has led to marketing becoming more immersive, interactive, and inescapable than ever, and the rules and opportunities change as fast as the platforms. For small start-ups, digital marketing provides an opportunity to be seen and heard that in the past would only be available to established companies. For big brands, it’s about keeping up and standing out in a crowded market. And for you? An in-depth understanding of digital marketing can unlock exciting opportunities with all kinds of different brands, products and services — and our BA (Hons) Digital Marketing will give you exactly that. Over three years of this digital marketing degree, you’ll gain a richly detailed understanding of digital marketing fundamentals and specialisms, exploring topics ranging from advertising and digital storytelling to data analytics and customer behaviour. We’ve balanced theoretical modules with practical experience, challenging you to put everything you learn into practice by creating content and mapping out digital strategies, before culminating in an in-depth final project. And you’ll spend as much time at workshops and events with digital marketing professionals as you will at lectures and seminars, giving you an opportunity to learn from the specialists and see how everything is applied to the creative industry. Whatever your goals, by the end of the course, you’ll be a master of online content — someone who knows how to reach and influence people through multiple digital platforms. **Why study at ICMP?**At ICMP, we know that succeeding in the creative industry is about more than talent; you need to understand everything from marketing and business management to how you can innovate, grow, and disrupt in a crowded market. As leading creative educators, we’ve spent more than 30 years nurturing the industry’s rising stars; growing a global network of industry connections; and building state-of-the-art facilities, which altogether give you access to valuable contacts and opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. And we’ll use those contacts to help you find industry experience, internships, and employment — or if you’re setting up a business of your own, you’ll be able to make the most of our specialisms in entrepreneurship, too. Add to that the small class sizes and close-knit campus that give our courses a supportive, family feel, there’s nowhere better to study your creative undergraduate degree than ICMP.**Industry opportunities** Whatever your course, our enrichment events and industry bootcamps give you opportunities to tailor your learning and enhance your understanding. Designed and updated each year to fit around the core UG programme, sign up to specialist workshops, talks and more while networking with industry professionals. You'll hear from entrepreneurs, UK brands and marketing agencies about influencers, gamification, PR, pay-per-click (PPC), AI, copywriting and more.**Careers support**Our hub/music careers service gets you started in the world of work. Whether it's help with writing a cover letter or honing your interview technique, we can even advise you on different career paths and revenue streams based on your qualifications. Browse job boards, book events and sessions with experts, and access a wealth of resources — all while growing

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12 Septiembre 2022


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