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Develop and hone your writing skills, and explore the important relationships between film and theatre, with the University of Reading’s BA Creative Writing and Film & Theatre course.Taught jointly by the Department of English Literature and the Department of Film, Theatre and Television, this multi-faceted course will:• develop your creative writing in a small-group environment• explore a variety of literary, dramatic and film texts• provide practical and theoretical approaches to film and theatre.**Creative writing**Creative writing allows you to explore your creativity from all angles: creating characters, shaping poems, drawing on your imagination.You’ll gain knowledge of a variety of literary, dramatic and film texts, from a range of different periods. We place a strong emphasis on small-group learning within a friendly and supportive environment. Workshops are central to our creative writing community, helping you to form relationships with your peers and feel more confident about your work.**Your learning environment**Modules are taught by practising, published authors who have strong links with professional writing communities. We’ll help you develop your creative writing skills in a variety of settings:• lectures concentrate on specific, practical issues such as how to construct a character or tackle a specific literary form• seminars involve small group discussions, led by one of the teaching team, with short practical writing exercises• workshops allow you to explore and develop your writing in small peer groups.You will also have the opportunity to publish your own work – and gain experience in editing and publishing – by participating in our annual Creative Writing Anthology.**Film and theatre**Your film and theatre modules will allow you to explore your passion for both mediums. You’ll also have the opportunity to study modules in television.During your studies, you will:• examine critical approaches to film, theatre and television• have the opportunity to develop your practical and technical skills• discover how theatre, film and television have been affected by different social and historical contexts.You’ll be introduced to film and theatre from across the world and study narrative traditions from both theoretical and practical perspectives. This will enable you to understand how theoretical ideas are applied to, and have an impact on, the creative process. You’ll have the opportunity to undertake selected group-based practical work, which will help you develop your creativity, storytelling and practical skills, and you’ll learn in the dynamic, fully-equipped spaces of Minghella Studios.**Placements with BA Creative Writing and Film & Theatre**Our innovative placement scheme gives you the chance to undertake an academic placement in commerce, industry or the arts. You can also take a placement module in film, theatre and television, on languages and literature in heritage, in education, and in the media.**Study abroad**In your second year, you can spend a term studying abroad at one of our partner institutions in the USA, Canada, Australia, or countries across Europe. To find out more, visit our Study Abroad site.**Careers for BA Creative Writing and Film & Theatre graduates**As a creative writing graduate, you will enter the job market with well-developed communication, research and writing skills, together with a high level of cultural literacy and critical sophistication.To prepare you for the future, an emphasis on professional skills is built into all of our courses. Our flexible degrees are designed to develop the skills valued by both creative and commercial industries, providing you with a diverse range of career opportunities following graduation.

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English Literature

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£16.890,00 (US$ 20.900) por año
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Octubre 2020


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RG6 6AH, England

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Para estudiantes de Estados Unidos

Students with US High School Diploma with GPA of 3.0/4.0 will be considered for entry onto International Foundation Programme. We do accept several combinations of qualifications for students who completed the High School Diploma but generally we consider the following common combinations: High School Diploma with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and grades ranging from 444 - 555 in three Advanced placement tests Or High School Diploma with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and scores ranging from 600 - 700 in three SAT Subjects Tests. A levels/AS levels or International Baccalaureate (IB) or other International qualications will also be considered. Please refer the university website for details of the English Language requirements for entry to individual undergraduate degree programmes.

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