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**Course Overview**- Our practice-based Computer Networks and Security Foundation Entry Degree will prepare you for a career in a rapidly changing industry. It’s a fascinating area to work in.- Foundation Entry degree courses are ideal if you’ve got the ability to study for a degree, but don’t have the necessary formal qualifications to directly join an honours programme. It’s a great stepping stone to a full degree.**Why study with us**- You’ll learn about the latest developments in wired and wireless computer networking and security, underpinned by relevant theory providing a broad view of the networking industry.- Supported by teaching in purpose-built laboratories, you’ll use specialist software to develop your networking and security skills.- We emphasise practical-based learning and you’ll configure and examine wired and wireless networks.**Further Information** - The course structure has three strands: technical; network and security specific; project management. The first develops general computing skills relevant to the networking and security specialist; the second looks at topologies, protocols, hardware devices, security and network management; the third develops communication skills, provides project experience and explores legal, social, ethical and commercial issues.- With Cisco accreditation and a wide range of transferable skills including project management, group working and communications, you’ll develop excellent long-term career prospects and a high earning potential.

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School of Psychology and Computer Sciences

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£14.000,00 (US$ 19.608) por año
2021/22 fees: Foundation Course: £8,800; Standard fee is £14,000.

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27 Septiembre 2021


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Students need to have High School Diploma plus SAT 1550 from 'Critical Reading', 'Math' and 'Writing' (before March 2016) OR SAT 1130 from 'Evidence Based Reading and Writing' and 'Math' (after March 2016) OR ACT Composite Score 22 and two SAT Subject Tests at 600 each OR Two Preferred Advanced Placements (APs) with grades 3, 3. OR (if no SAT or ACT) - Three SAT Subject Tests with grades 600 each OR Three Preferred Advanced Placements (APs) with grade 3, 3, 3.

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