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**About This Course**Prepare yourself for the future of data-driven decision-making in business and management. This course provides you with the tools to find, manage, analyse and interpret data to support business decisions. You'll develop a critical appreciation of the strengths and limitations of these tools.You’ll gain invaluable experience, working with others and presenting findings and ideas. In your final year of study you'll undertake a major analytics project.The degree develops graduates who can meet two overlapping sets of needs in the field of business analytics. The first is the industry standard, INFORMS, for technical specialists working in operations management, and as such covers skills relating to data, ICT and business analytics. The second is the QAA benchmark guidance for Business and Management which allows you to understand the management implications of the information and systems available in the field of operations management.**Overview**The world is full of data. It’s important for you to understand numbers, interpret data and communicate evidence in your future workplace. This degree will help you master the skills of data analytics to make effective managerial decisions. It is ideal if you want to become a business analyst. It’s also an excellent choice if you want to work as a business consultant, or if you want to start your own business.After exploring the essentials of modern business, you will learn statistics and quantitative methods for business. Statistics is the language of the future data economy. You will be able to understand the important concepts such as risk and probability. You will also develop your mathematical skills to analyse data from a range of sources. It’s important for you to gain the essential skills of processing information and data in the current business world.As you progress, you will turn your focus to business analytics modules that are designed to prepare you for your future. You will build on your business analytics and management with compulsory modules in analytical methods, information and data management. You will work on a business analytics project during your third year and come up with your own ideas. In your second and final years, you also have the chance to take certain optional modules according to your interests and aspirations.**Disclaimer**Course details are subject to change. You should always confirm the details on the provider's website: **www.uea.ac.uk**

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Norwich Business School

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£15.900,00 (US$ 19.675) por año
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21 Septiembre 2020


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University of East Anglia,



NR4 7TJ, England

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La University of East Anglia es una universidad británica altamente clasificada situada en la vibrante e histórica ciudad de Norwich, Reino Unido.

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