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Year 0 in animation encourages creativity, imagination and new ways of making, thinking and documenting. If you are not quite ready for year one of our three year undergraduate degree then this course is for you. Year 0 in animation is not a standalone course, it is the first stage of a full bachelor’s degree and once successfully completed you will be able to progress smoothly into our BA (Hons) Animation.Tutors nurture student's creative potential and support them whilst they learn the essential practical, intellectual, and transferable skills needed to confidently enter into year one. As well as developing fundamental skills students will also gain a broad grounding in their chosen specialist area, an understanding of the cultural contexts of the creative industries and the ability to develop hardware and software suitable for animation practice. This course is a Four year programme, consisting of a Year 0 year progressing into the three year BA (Hons) Animation programme.Key study topics- Contemporary culture- Animation fundamentals- Modelling to camera- Human and creature mechanic- Visual narrative- Big ideas and philosophies- Character modeling and rigging- Animation industry

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£16.500,00 (US$ 20.617) por año
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Septiembre 2022


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