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Agriculture (Regenerative Systems) with Foundation Year BSc

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Studying for a degree with an integrated foundation year will offer you a supportive environment if you have been out of education for a few years or do not have the necessary UCAS points from your recent course of study. The foundation year (Year 0) will precede our standard 3-year degree course programmes and enables preparation for degree study, with successful completion granting direct access to the undergraduate course of your choice at Writtle University College.New for 2020, BSc (Hons) Agriculture (Regenerative Systems) is the first of it’s kind in the United Kingdom and is recognition of the shifting emphasis and changing direction of the agricultural industry as a result of political, economic social and environmental influences.The drivers of change include the recent threat to supply chains during the coronavirus crisis, climate change, biodiversity targets, a new UK agricultural policy and an increasing public awareness of the issues surrounding the production of food.Regenerative Agriculture is an alternative approach to farming production systems that focuses on enhancing and restoring resilient systems and relates to the science of managing the soil, landscapes and communities. The course has been developed to encompass thinking across conservation agriculture, agro-ecology, climate smart agriculture, carbon farming, technology use, and integrated management practices.Particular emphasis is placed on the importance and relevance of soil health and the integration of livestock along with the practices which underpin the principles. These include minimising soil disturbance, maintaining soil cover, reducing the use of pesticide and artificial fertilizer and using grass leys to build fertility providing food for soil improving livestock. Such farm level practices can contribute to global goals of building resilient local food chains, the provision of ecosystems services and mitigating the impact of climate change.After the foundation year is complete the BSc (Hons) Agriculture (Regenerative Systems) focuses on crop production while the BSc (Hons) Agriculture (Regenerative Systems and Livestock) focuses on livestock, each recognising the importance of a holistic approach, which should include both in a circular structure.

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£13.080,00 (US$ 15.948) por año
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Fecha de inicio

Septiembre 2023


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CM1 3RR, England

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